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Check Out our Brand New Look- Hey! Chips

Check Out our Brand New Look- Hey! Chips

Our Humble Beginnings:

Have you ever gone hiking but had a hard time balancing the nutrients and keeping your backpack light? Same here! This issue, however, inspired the beginning of everything! 

It all started when two avid hikers who wanted to eat healthy food while living a considerably long period of time in the wilderness had sadly not many options for them to choose from. The go-to for nutrition, protein and energy bars were light and easy for them to eat on the go but are unable to provide sufficient nutrients. Furthermore, the bars became boring after chewing on them for so many days!

After racking our brains to create healthy and interesting food, we are now an expanding home-grown brand with our healthy chips that is deeply humbled by the great support from all of you! 

Hiking with our chips!

Now, we have revamped and please check out our brand new look! Previously known as HeyHah, you can now call us Hey! Chips.

So... what's our brand new look?

Since the start, we have always wanted to produce health food, particularly healthy snacks that are not boring. After a long time of testing many designs, we finally decided on this brand new look with our newly designed logo representing a speech bubble shouting “healthy isn’t boring”! 

Look at our newly designed logo!


We hope to create a revitalising new and fun energy for Hey! Chips that appeals to the younger audience or those young at heart and dearly hope that you like it as much as we do. 

If you look closely on our packages, you can even spot a cute bear with a hidden meaning! We tried to be punny and yes, these chips are “bear-naked”. Our cute little Hey! Bear is proudly designed by local architect and designer, Kenneth Koh

Look at our colourful chips!


If you recall, we work hard to provide the best goodness of our fruits and vegetables without anything artificial such as preservatives or added sugar. Hence, the Hey! Bear is the perfect addition to our new look. After all, it is the healthiest “junk food” that you can find without adding anything artificial. Furthermore, it being a halal-snack also means that our muslim friends can share our love for these healthy “junk food”! 

By being “bear-naked”, it reinforces our belief in transparency as seen from our fruits and vegetables with 100% traceability, where we directly source from the farmers and have full knowledge of where our vegetables and fruits come from. 

Although you might not be familiar with this term yet, we still pride ourselves as Singapore’s first fruit and veggie chips brand with full traceability as we recognise the importance of knowing your food sources and value your concerns regarding these issues.

Look at our farmers working hard for us, much appreciation for them!


In recognition of our high food safety standards, we have been awarded the BRC certification from the UK. Hence, rest assured as we continue to ensure 100% traceability of our fruits and vegetables in this new journey to assure that you are eating safely and keep your mind at peace!

Through rebranding, we want to show our dedication to producing interesting healthy snacks without anything artificial or sugar added that are appealing to all of you, and our commitment to only selling food from sources that we know.

Despite the new look, don’t worry as the ever-popular same great taste and quality remains! With vacuum frying (VF), we dehydrate our fruits and vegetables at low temperatures so as to reduce oxidation. That’s why our chips look and taste so real! In the process, we extract air from a chamber to reach a near-vacuum so the boiling point for the oil gets a lot lower. Only a small amount of rice bran oil is needed and absorbed by the chips. We say NO to palm oil because of its negative health and environmental effects that do not resonate with our beliefs. Here, we balance the nutrients, cost and taste just for you!



Cory Marder, an orangutan who was saved from palm oil plantation. Source: Orangutan Foundation


Over the past year after launching in Singapore, we are happy to have received tremendous  support from all of you, our friends coming from the various healthy eating communities and companies. It was a great encouragement to know that all of you like our keto and gluten-free snacks as much as we do. Due to your overwhelming support, we have sold an outstanding number of 42,000 packs from events and online in our first year which we could not have done without all of you!


Us last year!


With this new look, we will continue to work hard, innovate and develop new flavours aside from our popular flavours like mango and broccoli. We will also try out more combinations to thank all of you for your tremendous support! We are grateful for those who have been with us throughout the journey and we hope to have your continued support as we venture into the exciting journey ahead.

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