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ICYMI: Our Brand New Release - Care packages to help you overcome this pandemic

ICYMI: Our Brand New Release - Care packages to help you overcome this pandemic
2020 was no doubt a challenging year for all of us and 2021 has been a rollercoaster ride thus far due to the pandemic. Due to the new restrictions in place, we know that many of us are moving our education and work online, and it might be discouraging that the situation is still unpredictable.

During this stay-home period, instead of just having online meetings to catch-up, why not send a care package filled with healthy and tasty snacks to show some love and encouragement to your family and friends?
Our team have worked together to curate the best combination of products to ensure that both your belly and health get taken care of!

Blissful Box

Starting with the Blissful Box, a simple care package for you to get a head start in getting hooked with our addictively crunchy chips. Cheers to guilt-free snacking with some healthy and yummy Hey! Chips and Monsoon Harvest snacks.

Treasure Box

Seems like Christmas came early this year! Make this a stay-home season a season of gifting. Our Treasure Box is no doubt a Hey! Chips paradise for all of you fans out there. What's better than being rich in addictively crunchy snacks to keep you delighted at home.

Savory Snack & Dip

Instead of popcorn and nachos, why not get some savory snacks and dips to go with your drama binging sessions? This could also be a good gift for your family and friends who enjoys a good savory snack!

Western Breakfast Box

Know someone who needs a caffeine boost, a health beverage, or some healthy snacks to chew on? Or maybe even all of the above? Then our Western Breakfast Box is the one you should go for! Giving you the best assortment of snack and beverages from various local brands that you can't resist for more.

Can't make a pick? To find out more, click here for more information on our care packages!

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