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100% Crunchy and Delicious Bare-Naked Fruits and Nuts

Fruits & Nuts

100% Crunchy and Delicious Bare-Naked Fruits and Nuts

What makes our nuts so good?

Our freshly-baked nuts and award-winning mixed fruit chips are a truly heavenly pair! 

The nutty blends of pecan, cashew, walnut and almond graciously balance the sweet and tangy flavours from our signature crispy banana, mango and pineapple fruit chips. It's yums beyond words!

Each pack of Hey! trail mix contains only 6 simple ingredients: 3 types of nuts and 3 types of Hey! fruit chips. Only good quality natural ingredients are used so no salt, sugar or anything else is added to achieve the great natural tastes. 

Nothing beats the crunchiness and aroma of freshly baked nuts! Try crunching on a full bowl of nutrient-rich bare-natural nuts and chips and try telling us you don't love them!

Let's Go Nuts!!!

Unbeatable freshness from our medley of mixed fruit chips and gently-baked nuts. Proudly made in Singapore!

Packed with Superfood Nutrients


Hey! Fruits & Nuts Collection 

& Fresh

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the trail mixes made? What do you add to the nuts?
Hey! nuts are gently baked to perfection at low temperatures (just like our chips) so the nutrients from the natural oil in the nuts are retained as much as possible. We enjoy what nature offers us so we rely on quality ingredients and do not add anything to the nuts at all. (No sugar, no sodium, no seasonings, no preservatives)
Once opened, how long can I keep my trail mix for?
Each box of Hey! trail mix consists of a pack of nut mix and a pack of mixed fruit chips. They are packed separately due to the different moisture content in the two items. Once you open and combine the nuts and chips, you are encouraged to store them in a cool dry place and finish consuming within 30 days for maximum freshness.
What is the difference between Hey! trail mixes and other brands?
Hey! trail mixes are made fresh locally in small batches. Freshly baked nuts give the most unforgettable crunch. Baking locally gives you the same freshness, like they just come out of your mom's oven.
I am allergic to nuts. Can I still enjoy your fruit and vegetable chips?
Yes! We make our fruit and vegetable chips in an entirely different facility. Even in our trail mixes, the fruit chips and nut mixes are packed separately.

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