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All about Chippies

For every $1 spent, you receive 1 Chippie. Begin your journey to redeem amazing rewards!

To enjoy Free Delivery, you have to spend over S$29.90 after any discounts / coupons have been applied. If your purchase falls below, the delivery fee of S$8 will not contribute towards your Chippies.


Share your Love and Get Rewarded with Chippies

You will receive 20 Chippies for every product review on our website. On top of that, collect 100 Chippies for every Hey! Chips product you review on social media (Facebook / Instagram). Do remember to tag us @heychipsg and set your post to "public" so we will notice your love. You can only receive 100 Chippies once per purchase.

To redeem, simply take a screenshot of your review and let us know your user account (email), IG/FB handle via the Contact form.


Redeem Chippies and Get Cash-back

Your current balance of Chippies will be visible when you are in your Cart. If you wish to redeem them, simply click “Redeem” and your final balance will be recalculated.

When you accumulate 2500 Chippies, you can withdraw that as cash by submitting a request through the Contact form.


Friends of Hey! Chips Loyalty Reward

 Activity No. Of Chippies
Every S$1 spent 1
Product review 20
Social sharing 10

 Redemption Discount
50 Chippies S$1
1,500 Chippies S$30
2,500 Chippies S$50 discount / cash

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